A finely hand-wrapped bundle that features two Incausa Palo Santo Incenses and four Pure Palo Santo hand-pressed bricks.

The pure Palo Santo hand-pressed bricks provide the closest experience to smudging Palo Santo wood in natura, yet with the ease of use in being powdered and pressed in to incense bricks.

The perfect addition for ceremonies, meditation, yoga and stretching as it cleanses the air without needing to attend to the flame and the smoke. The brick burns for the perfect amount of time for you to enjoy your practice surrounded by purified positive energy as well as the Divine scent of Palo Santo. 

This pure Bursera graveolens incense comes from forests managed, authorised and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru in Piura (SERFORPiura).

Each brick burns for approximately 25 minutes. Break off a small piece and burn on safe heat resistant surface. Each incense stick burns for approximately 50 minutes. Burn using a safe heat resistant incense holder.  

About Incausa ~

A social business experiment that uses the profits from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. Beginning as a simple sidewalk-table venture, the organisation has evolved into a multi-national grassroots organisation committed to social innovation.

Ensuring fair trade practice from sourcing to fulfilment, Incausa coordinates with artisanal productions of Breu Resin, Palo Santo, White Sage and Ayahuaska incense in Brazil and Peru. 

Partnering with Indigenous cause leaderships and projects developing non-profit trade posts and market placement it uses social entrepreneurship to reignite indigenous heritage, uplifting cultural values and building sustainable opportunities.

Images courtesy of Incausa. 

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