Certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru, High resin Palo Santo natura (Bursera Graveolens).

Through the natural process of decay, the sweet mystical oils of the Bursera Graveolens tree begin to develop. Working with a small Peruvian community we bring you sustainable, ethical and unfarmed Palo Santo from the wild forests of Peru. 

Palo Santo (Spanish for Holy Wood or Wood of the Saints) embarks on its own alchemical journey to bring you the healing, cleansing and spiritual properties that Palo Santo carries within. In order for these properties to be present, the tree must die naturally in its wild habitat. The fallen tree is left to nestle on the forest floor for 7 - 9 years before careful harvest. It is only during this time that the sweet medicinal oil begins to develop.

With every harvest, the Peruvian community plants more and more Bursera Graveolens trees, creating a truly sustainable and ethical practice. 

A distant relative to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal, Palo Santo belongs to the citrus family and carries sweet, warm notes of pine, mint and lemon. Infused with the ancient notes of its natural heritage, Palo Santo brings a uniquely clarifying scent to every space as its soft medicinal aroma lingers amongst you.

The smoke of Palo Santo also works well as an organic insecticide, keeping away mosquitoes and other flying insects, one of the prime uses of the Peruvians and Ecuadorians.


Cleanse your soul and space by igniting the end of the Palo Santo, allow the tip to burn for up to a minute and then wave the wood with your hand until the flame extinguishes (do not blow out the flame from the mouth). Allow the smouldering smoke to drift where it is called. For cleansing space, open all cupboards and drawers, open all windows and doors and walk through the space with the Palo Santo offering your intention from your heart.


Beyond its energy cleansing and creativity boosting properties, Palo Santo has been a source of traditional medicine in South America for thousands of years. Palo Santo gives an amazing boost to the immune system and it has been used to relieve colds, flu symptoms, asthma, headaches, and inflammation.
Sip your tea with good intentions from the heart and mind. 

Palo Santo has quite a strong presence and only a small amount is needed to make this spiritually nurturing tea.
1. Take a stick of Palo Santo and shave off small thin slivers of the wood.
2. Place one teaspoon (use more or less depending on the desire of strength) into 1-2 cups of hot water (cool your kettle or pot down after boiling for 2-3 minutes before pouring).
3. Steep the Palo Santo in the hot water for 10 minutes or more.
4. Pour through a strainer into your favourite cup. 
5. Add a natural sweetener if desired. Pure Maple Syrup works well with the woody flavours of the Palo Santo.
6. Take this moment to give appreciation and enjoy the Divine gift of grounding peace and tranquility. 

About Incausa ~

A social business experiment that uses the profits from its productions to enable purposeful commerce of indigenous artisanship and heritage. Beginning as a simple sidewalk-table venture, the organisation has evolved into a multi-national grassroots organisation committed to social innovation.

Ensuring fair trade practice from sourcing to fulfilment, Incausa coordinates with artisanal productions of Breu Resin, Palo Santo, White Sage and Ayahuaska incense in Brazil and Peru. 

Partnering with Indigenous cause leaderships and projects developing non-profit trade posts and market placement it uses social entrepreneurship to reignite indigenous heritage, uplifting cultural values and building sustainable opportunities.

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