This is my most precious stash of polished Chrysocolla. The deepest blues and greens with the most striking, contrasting patterns. Love, love, LOVE ! 

Chrysocolla Properties ~ The communication stone

A stone for wise women, teachers and mothers.

Chrysocolla encourages the sharing of one’s highest knowledge and supports communication from the heart.  

A stone devoted to the expressive and empowering feminine energies promoting love and emotional balance. Chrysocolla is a tranquil stone and helps to bring gentle release during transitional times, enhancing your own personal power and self awareness. 

Each piece of Chrysocolla is unique and one of a kind. Different shades and different shapes. Individual weight can also slightly vary. Each piece feels like a soft, cool river stone in the hand. We choose your piece with you in mind. 

Circa BC crystals are packed with much love and care. All Circa BC crystals are accompanied with a piece of Palo Santo for you to cleanse on arrival. x

If you would like any more information on these pieces, please feel free to email us at create@circabc.com.au

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