Váhy   /‘ Váa-hee/   Meaning balance

Ember Haze Natural Perfume.
Smokey woods with rich, luxurious amber and vanilla.  

Inspired by fireside evenings in cosy log cabins and alpine resorts. Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla. 

Vegan / Cruelty Free / No Nasties / Natural 

100% Natural Perfume
50ML | 1.7 FL OZ

What does 'no nasties' mean ? Here's a start ~
No denatured alcohol / No mineral oil / No petrolatum/paraffin wax / No animal by-products / No animal testing / No silicones / No parabens / No propylene glycol / No ethanolamines / No PEG / No SLES / No EDTA / No ALS / No phthalates / No synthetics / No retinol / No nitro musks / No polycyclic musks.

Ingredients ~
Ethanol (Organic Sugarcane Alcohol); Aldehyde C18 (Sunflower Oil); Ambrein (Gum Resin); Ambrette Seed Absolute; Apricot Seed Oil; Benzyl Acetate (Chinese Cinnamon) ; Bergamot Oil; Cardamom Oil; Cedarwood Oil; Cedrol (Cedar Oil); Cinnamon Bark Oil; Coumarin (Cassia Oil); Cypriol Oil; Guaiac Wood Oil; Maltol (Malt); Mandarin Oil; Orange Flower Extract; Patchouli Oil; Sandalwood Oil; Clove Oil; Triethyl Citrate (Sugar Cane); Vanillin; Vetiver Oil.

About Váhy ~
Established in 2016, Váhy is a boutique natural fragrance house based in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by wanderlust and a desire for balance and simplicity in life, Váhy’s genderless line of perfumes are a modern and subversive take on traditional fragrance.

Váhy is a true reflection of refined purity and a ground-breaking plunge into the mesmerising world of niche and natural fragrance. At Váhy, their products contain only the most premium and luxurious ingredients. They are cruelty-free with 100% natural ingredients that are >80% organic in composition. Their scents are created in Australia with natural materials infused in organic sugarcane alcohol. Every Váhy perfume is IFRA compliant and also complies with ISO 9235 which relates to natural perfumes. This means that their ingredients are isolated from plant based materials and they do not use lab made synthetics.  

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