Worry stones are ideal for healing meditations and are great pocket companions for anxious or stressful times.

Place your worry stone between your index finger and thumb. 
With your thumb gently resting in the impression that is made on one side of the stone, lightly rub your thumb back and forth over the smooth stone surface.
This action is said to be so successful in reducing stress that worry stones have been known to be called pocket tranquillisers. 

Emerald Properties ~ The stone of the highest love

Emerald is the ultimate love stone, enhancing unity and unconditional love as well as promoting friendship within life, love, and business partnerships.

Emerald is a great stone for current times as it supports a strong, supporting union amongst families and communities when dealing with divisive and polarising subjects. 

Focusing intention and raising consciousness, Emerald guides us to a state of physical, emotional and mental equilibrium.

A stone of recovery and regeneration, Emerald inspires a deep inner knowing, inviting the higher self to guide your attention to the unfinished lessons that are stopping you from turning your pain into power. 

Each Emerald worry stone is unique and one of a kind. We do not believe in imperfection, we believe in character. We choose your piece with you in mind. 

Approximate length at longest ~ 5cm
Approximate width at widest ~ 3.5cm

Circa BC crystals are packed with much love and care. All Circa BC crystals are accompanied with a piece of Palo Santo for you to cleanse on arrival. x

If you would like any more information on this piece, please feel free to email us at create@circabc.com.au

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