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I absolutely adore the Flower Agate raw slabs, so easy to style and the perfect little plate to place other crystals or jewellery upon. A little plant would be so happy to live near this piece. 
The reverse side is beautiful too but that will be a surprise. Stand not included.

Flower Agate Properties ~ The feminine rising stone

The ultimate feminine energy crystal. Is it any wonder that Flower Agate was to be discovered around the same time that the feminine energy began to truly rediscover its own infinite blooming powers within ? Some consider Flower Agate to be the Sacred Feminine Trinity stone that seeks to unify, integrate, and bring flow between the Maiden, Mother, and Elder aspects of the self. 

From all of the pressure and darkness, a field of Chalcedony flowers and plumes flourish amongst the Quartz. Flower Agate reminds us that we start as seeds.
In the darkness we begin to grow and through the light we begin to bloom.

Flower Agate is the perfect crystal for those seeking to carve their own path.
A gentle guide initiating the exploration and discovery of one’s highest potential, encouraging the pursuit of one’s dreams and Divine purpose. 

A gracious, emotionally restorative energy, Flower Agate is a beautiful addition to any space where you may need to be reminded to give yourself some loving gratitude and appreciation. To remember how far you’ve come in your many different blooms and the joyful curiosity of the many more to come. 

This is a one-off sale for the exact piece described and pictured.
Weight ~ 976g
Approximate measurements ~ 15cm x 15cm (longest sides) 2cm deep. 

Circa BC crystals are packed with much love and care. All Circa BC crystals are accompanied with a piece of Palo Santo for you to cleanse on arrival. x

If you would like any more information on this piece, please feel free to email us at create@circabc.com.au

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