DATE : After lockdown...
TIME : 11:00am - 2.00pm

“Calligraphy” from Greek kalligraphia, means 'person who writes beautifully'. So in a nutshell, calligraphy is beautiful writing.

When your words come straight out from your soul, there’s a direct channel that connects your heart with the paper. In that present moment, there is no room for anything but yourself and the words you are breathing out, represented in every stroke that you trace with your pen and ink. Everything around you starts fading and a rendezvous with your inner-self begins.

In this workshop, you are welcomed to a calligraphy practice that will serve as a portal to connect with your intuition. A primer to get into your flow and to tap into your inner greatness.

During this three-hour workshop, we will explore different techniques to connect with our body and soul through calligraphy practise, becoming aware of our breath and it's rhythm so we can use it to listen to it more mindfully, bringing calm into our days whenever we need to.

We will learn the anatomy of all the lowercase letters of the alphabet, and how to connect them together to write our own beautiful words by the end of the class.

You are the author of your own story. Listen to your soul and start breathing your words out!


  • All supplies will be provided for you to keep, including 
  • Modern calligraphy workbook.
  • Moblique pen holder.
  • Nikko G nib.
  • Sumi ink.
  • Light refreshments.  
  • Creative spirit.

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Vanessa Opazo            @bondiletters           


With a background in fine arts and architecture, Vanessa has always been truly dedicated and attuned to the finer details. Falling in love with Bondi, the turquoise waters and bohemian spirit, Vanessa has created her successful, beach side business, Bondi Letters. A unique and stunning range of calligraphy and self journey products as well as a collection of inspiring workshops.

Vanessa's love and generosity for teaching and sharing is abundant in her workshops and Vanessa ensures a beautiful experience for all of her students.

COVID-19 : Our venue is registered as COVID safe and we are following COVID-19 government guidelines closely. Our studio is able to accomodate up to 20 people honouring safe distancing between each participant however we are capping most workshops at 10 to ensure extra comfort and safety. If the government restrictions ease before the workshop date we will increase the ticket numbers as per recommendation. If the restrictions are to tighten, we will postpone the event until further notice and refund your booking in full. We are making every effort to keep the studio sanitised and clean. Please do not make any bookings if you carry any symptoms of COVID-19. Please respect each other's space and honour safe distancing guidelines whilst attending your class.

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OUR BONDI STUDIO : Make an unforgettable day out of your workshop with the most gorgeous world famous Bondi Beach only a moment away from the studio doors. Amazing eateries surround our humble studio and you will certainly have full bellies, minds and hearts. Free unmetered parking is a 10 minute stroll from our studio or make use of the abundant public transport which will drop you within a minutes walk from our studio door. 

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