Put this bad boy next to a plant and a candle and bang! Instant calm corner that also makes you look like an interior style queen !

Agate geodes are such a special combination of banding chalcedony alternating with layers of crystalline quartz. This particular piece displays the beauty of this recipe perfectly with its stunning bands and quartz centre.

Natural Agate Properties ~ The grounding stone

Stop. Breath. Release.
Bringing us back to centre, Agate offers a soft, grounding frequency encouraging a sense of calm and balance.

Sometimes we just need to lay belly to the ground, to have our heart beat directly upon the Earth. When this isn’t really an option, we have Agate.

Life is wobbly, messy, scattered and unpredictable. Our mindset is our frequency and our output is what we attract. Agate’s frequencies help to bring the tempo down enough for you to re-stabilise with a clear and focused mindset.

Agate is a great addition to an office space especially if you seem to experience any kind of repetitive printer/copier problems, a piece of Agate might just remind you to ~ Stop. Breath. Release.

This is a one-off sale for the exact piece described and pictured.
Weight ~ 426g

All Agate from Circa B.C. is completely natural (as are all our crystals!) we do not stock any vat dyed Agate because it’s confusing and unnecessary. 
How to tell vat-dyed Agate? One tell tale sign is the colour of the exterior rocky shell, it should look like the colour of ... well ... rock. If the rocky outside layer of your Agate is an unnaturally bright colour (i.e pink), it's more than likely your piece has been vat-dyed =(

Circa BC crystals are packed with much love and care. All Circa BC crystals are accompanied with a piece of Palo Santo for you to cleanse on arrival. x

If you would like any more information on this piece, please feel free to email us at create@circabc.com.au

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