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Beautiful woman you are invited to give yourself the gift of permission; permission to feel really good in your body. There is a special kind of magic that happens when a woman rolls her hips; and a healing that occurs when we allow ourselves to be seen and celebrated by other women.

Together, as glorious and tender women, we will give ourselves permission to sink into our sensual nature and celebrate our womanhood. As we come into union with our bodies, we’ll gently untangle our true selves from our conditioning; delicately peeling back layers to take back that which has been shamed: our sensuality; our innocent enjoyment of ourselves; our freedom.

Return To Her is a two-part workshop. We’ll share stories and be led on a gentle guided journey of sensual dance to reclaim and celebrate our womanhood.

All women - cis and trans sisters – are welcome.

No rhythm required.

Questions about the classes? Contact Caitlin at hello@caitlinerica.com


  • Organic herbal teas and fruit and chocolate grazing platter.
  • Guided dance journey.
  • Water bottle.

BEFORE THE EVENT : Please take the time to make yourself feel goooood in preparation for the event. Maybe that means having a bath the night before, giving yourself a massage with coconut oil, giving yourself a face-mask, washing your hair, shaving your legs or something else.

Think about what you love the feeling of and give that to yourself. Under your clothes, wear underwear that makes you feel sexy - not your daggy ones. This is about honouring your body and your senses. Adorn your body with clothing that makes you feel special. This is a journey of sensuality so think about what you have that delights your senses. Maybe you’ve got something that you absolutely love the feel of (silk, cotton, linen…) or something you just love the look of. Do you enjoy the sound of your bangles chiming? Do you feel like a Goddess in it? Whatever you want goes! This is your self-expression. Make sure you can move around and note that you may get warm so layers are a good idea. We will have our shoes-off for the event.


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Caitlin Erica            @caitlinerica            hello@caitlinerica.com

Caitlin Erica is a birthkeeper (certified doula) and embodiment guide. Supporting women and families through the journey of pregnancy, Caitlin works with women (pregnant or not), to foster self adoration and bodily autonomy. Caitlin is all too aware of how disconnected women are from their bodies (she was too!) and her mission is to help women feel safe, confident and reeeeaaaally good in their skin.
COVID-19 : Our venue is registered as COVID safe and we are following COVID-19 government guidelines closely. Our studio is able to accomodate up to 20 people honouring safe distancing between each participant however we are capping most workshops at 10 to ensure extra comfort and safety. If the government restrictions ease before the workshop date we will increase the ticket numbers as per recommendation. If the restrictions are to tighten, we will postpone the event until further notice and refund your booking in full.
We are making every effort to keep the studio sanitised and clean. Please do not make any bookings if you carry any symptoms of COVID-19. Please respect each other's space and honour safe distancing guidelines whilst attending your class.

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OUR BONDI STUDIO : Make an unforgettable day out of your workshop with the most gorgeous world famous Bondi Beach only a moment away from the studio doors. Amazing eateries surround our humble studio and you will certainly have full bellies, minds and hearts. Free unmetered parking is a 10 minute stroll from our studio or make use of the abundant public transport which will drop you within a minutes walk from our studio door. 

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