The sacred six is a blend of Lilium’s most revered medicinal mushrooms for adding to your morning coffee, tonic, smoothie or drink of choice.

The sacred six is an everyday blend; rain, hail, flood, fire or shine.

This jar contains 100 serves of the most potent, high quality mushrooms we could possibly find on the planet. 120g of potent organic adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms.

Ingredients ~

Reishi 30% betaglucans - Spiritual potency, immune modulator, anti-stress, supports inner peace.

Chaga 30% betaglucans - Potent anti-oxidant & vitamin B levels, supports immune system, overall wellness.

Lion’s Mane 30% betaglucans - Potent anti-oxidant & vitamin B levels, supports immune system.

Cordyceps 30% betaglucans - Athletic endurance, physical power, sexual energy, helps muscle tone.

He Shou Wu 10:1 - Superior blood & longevity tonic, anti-ageing, blood building, beauty, & rejuvenation herb.

Shilajit 10:1 - Fulvic minerals, over 80 vital minerals, supports adrenal health, deep cellular rejuvenation.

Sacred six cacao recipe ~

  • 2g (1 Tablespoon) Sacred Six Mushrooms.
  • 3 tsp ceremonial grade raw cacao or cacao powder (organic is always best).
  • 1 cup milk of choice (nut milk works best).
  • 1 spoon sweetener of choice (coconut sugar, raw honey, maple syrup).
  • 1 tsp organic ghee, MCT oil, coconut oil or cacao butter (you can also leave this out if you don’t have any of these).

Method ~

  • Heat 1 cup your choice of nut milk + blend together with remaining ingredients. Serve, breathe & heal.

    About Lilium and Love ~
    Hidden in the Hills of Byron Bay is an off-grid, organic, medicinal & local space that stands alone yet welcomes all. Lilium and Love evokes a sense of community, like walking into a strangers house and feeling immediately home. A place for healing, connection, and deeper understanding of the true self. A place that allows you to be yourself and therefore start to understand the layers that are beyond the self. 

    Dedicated to 100% organic products, meaning everything is sourced and made with the highest integrity and deepest reverence for our mother earth.

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