Your daily dose of courage in a bottle. 

Handcrafted to rouse your soul and stoke your spirit, this fiery little tonic is courage in a bottle. A concentrated recipe of gut healing and immunity-boosting herbs, spices, citrus, ginger, turmeric, and chili (we told you she was hot!), SISUU Tonic will help kick off your day the invigorated way.

Shoot it. Dilute it. Brew it — we recommend 10mL in the morning, taken however you please. Possible side effects may include - an enhanced appetite for adventure and an urgent desire to live your best life. 

This spicy, sizzling immunity elixir is brewed and bottled on the dreamy Long Reef Peninsula, where an age-old herbal remedy meets the cool sea breeze.

Ingredients ~

Australian Organic Apple Cider Vinegar*, Cayenne Pepper*, Turmeric*, Mustard Seeds*, Cardamom Pods*, Cinnamon*, Juniper Berries*, Fennel Seeds*, Pink Sea Salt*, Peppercorn*, Jalapeños*, Garlic*, Ginger*, Horseradish*, Lemon*, Orange*, Lemon Balm Tea Leaves*

100% Natural, real, and alive ingredients - hand-bottled with passion. *Organic, spray-free ingredients.

Locally sourced where possible. Percentage of time and profits to Operation Crayweed.

How to use ~

Shoot it, dilute it, brew it - however you please!

We recommend 10mL at sunrise with a few deep belly breaths and a cold shower or ocean dip to release your full SISUU power.

Storage and shelf life ~

Store in the fridge or alternatively in a dry cool spot, away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Up to 5 months, when stored as above. See Best Before date.

About Sisuu ~

Extraordinary determination, courage and resolutions in the face of extreme adversity. An action mindset which enables individuals to see beyond their limitations into what might be. Taking actions against all odds and reaching beyond observed capabilities.

Founded by XPT Performance Breath & Cold Water Immersion Coach, Emma Shearman, SISUU is a destination to experience the incredible power of breathwork, cold plunges and retreats.

Through her experience coaching big wave surfers and brands including Patagonia, Emma now runs multi-day retreats and workshops to help you ignite your passion, purpose and impact.

Being an avid surfer, spearfisher and freediver, Emma can teach you or your team just how revolutionary breathwork can be for your health, mindset and performance.

Emma sees the power of daily ocean swims, breathwork and carving out time to do the things that light you up. As a result, Emma has fostered a community to share her love for the outdoors.

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