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    For You, With Love.

    Datura | Flower of the dream realms

    Datura is a sacred plant ally traditionally used for magical and shamanic assistance. She requires deep respect and is not to be used lightly or internally, however can greatly assist energetically and spiritually. 

    She has been revered in many indigenous cultures for her ability to enhance dreams and bring wisdom into ones life. She supports our growth into the fullness of our power and magical abilities as well as helps us to strengthen our intuitive heart space and deepen resonance our divine nature. 

    This amulet was created to call upon the energy of Sacred Datura, to assist in dreamtime, divination, astral travel and discernment.

    Chain Length | Adjustable 16" - 22"
    Material | Bronze pendant on 22k Gold Vermeil.

    Catori Life is a woman owned, ethical and philanthropic jewellery brand with a mission to support the healing & restoration of our planet, and everyone on it.

    Hand made in the breathtaking northern New Mexican mountains of Santa Fe.

    Bronze | Metal of the Ancients

    We love bronze for its ancient origins and history in jewellery and adornment.

    People have been using bronze for jewellery for thousands of years. It is known to enhance generosity and good spirit, prosperity, compassion and a love for beauty.

    Bronze is a beautiful sturdy metal, making it great for everyday wear, especially for those of us who live a more rough and wild lifestyle.

    Care Guide ~

    Bronze is mostly copper with a small percentage of tin which gives it the soft and beautiful golden color. Because of the copper content, bronze jewelry can sometimes cause the skin it touches to turn a greenish hue. This is actually because of the natural acids in our skin! The acids mix with the Bronze, and can create a bit of a tarnish, that then rubs off on us.

    What can you do to lessen the hue?

    1. Keep it clean. This reaction is caused by the acids in our sweat. The simplest way to reduce it, is to remove your Bronze jewels when you know you might get a bit sweaty. We recommend keeping your Bronze washed with mild soap and polished (a simple jewellery specific polishing cloth is perfect!), which will prevent tarnishing, and thus - discolouration.

    2. Coat it. Painting the inside of the ring band with clear nail polish works wonders. There are many non-toxic options available, and this method only needs to be reapplied every few months.

    3. Stay hydrated. As silly as it seems, Bronze is an excellent measure of hydration! Why, you ask? Well, because our sweat becomes more acidic the more dehydrated we become. The more acids, the more tarnishing, the more green marks we get! 

    4. Choose silver. Opt for Sterling Silver in available styles.  

    Silver | Metal of the Moon

    Silver is the Lunar metal - connecting us to the energies of the moon.

    It is known to enhance the inner wisdom and intuitive knowing of the wearer.

    For more practical purposes, sterling silver is a great option if you have more sensitive skin and want a higher quality & low maintenance metal, or if you just like the look of silver. 

    Care Guide ~

    Tarnishing can happen to sterling silver when it comes into contact with an array of different chemicals, but the most common culprits are sweat, sulfur, and chlorine.

    The good news is that Sterling Silver polishes back to its original lustre with ease, just by using a jewellery specific polishing cloth. 

    General Care Guide

    In honor and respect for our beautiful earth, Catori work to source the most ethical and sustainable materials for their jewellery as possible, keeping in mind the entire production chain and the people involved every step of the way. Catori's bronze, silver, and gold jewellery is hand cast, in New Mexico, from reclaimed metals. 

    To maintain the shine & beauty of your bronze or silver jewellery use a polishing cloth regularly to restore its lustre and remove any surface tarnish that may accumulate. If you love a more rustic look no extra care is needed!

    Catori's ear cuffs and cuff bracelets are adjustable so you can find just the right fit. Some pieces are sturdy and require a little more strength, but once you find your fit shouldn't have to be adjusted again. If you initially find it hard to adjust, gently warm the metal in a nice sunny spot or with warm water to make the metal more malleable.

    Catori's rings and bracelets are made from solid metals and can be worn while swimming or showering.

    We recommend keeping your gold vermeil chains dry in order to extend their longevity.





    "Catori Life Jewellery is made in the USA using ethically sourced and recycled materials.

    We work hard to source the most sustainable and ethical materials we can and we are continuously looking to better our business and material sourcing from the jewellery itself to the packaging we ship in.

    In our creation and sourcing process we consider the whole production line and everyone involved from start to finish."

    "We believe in living a harmonious, intuitive, inspired & passionate lifestyle... in doing everything possible to work toward global healing & restoration and in the strengthening and remembering of our awareness of the beauty and wonder of life."

    "We work with various grassroots organisations for the betterment of our world on as many levels as we can. We hope that as we grow our donations can make a very significant impact in the overall healing of the environment and in society."

    Catori actively supports :

    The Eden Reforestation Projects 
    PNW Protectors
    One Percent for the Planet
    For the Wild

    "We are lovers of the earth and all of her magic. 

    Our pieces are made to inspire you to move through the world from an empowered place of your own personal authenticity and truth."

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