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A carefully considered, innovative design.

A union of traditional craftsmanship from Japan, aromatic incense of Awaji Island and matchsticks of Harima. 

Each matchstick is infused with a beautiful, deep botanical scent. 

Simply strike the match on the box’s striking board, extinguish the flame and allow the match to smoulder on the reusable burning pad included. 

Each matchstick burns for approximately 10 minutes, the perfect accompaniment for journal entries, meditations, short but savoured moments of grounded, sensory calm.

Each set contains : 

  • 8 incense infused matchsticks.
  • Reusable, fire proof burning pad.

Select from :

001 LEMONGRASS : a refreshing aroma with dry grassy notes, this subtly cleansing and revitalising scent balances bright citrus with a hint of earthy greenery.

002 LAVENDER : an elegant floral fragrance, the aroma of lavender invites relaxation and rest with its classic warmth. lavender is an ideal choice for soothing the nervous system and as part of your evening wind-down routine.

003 ROSE GERANIUM : a perennial favourite with broad appeal, this fragrance blends deep rosy warmth with cheerful green notes for a sweetly harmonious pick-me-up. 

004 YLANG YLANG : a heady and exotic aroma with tropical notes reminiscent of jasmine, ylang ylang is considered the ultimate floral fragrance; romantic and strong, but not overpowering.

005 TEA TREE : a clean, spicy fragrance with cool refreshing properties. tea tree lifts the spirits, focuses the mind and helps to dispel any stale energy in the room.

006 CITRONELLA : with its fresh and bright citrus notes, this lovely, light fragrance is ideal for revitalising your living space. Insects don’t seem to like it but humans do, so it’s also perfect to pack for travel.

007 FRAGRANT OLIVE : this airy, sweet scent will fill the home with ambient fragrance, balancing complex smokiness with gentle, almost powdery floral notes. calming and light, this latest fragrance from hibi will have wide appeal as both an introduction to the range, and a must-try for the brand's devotees.

Some simple notes :

Strike the match gently and allow the flame to burn for 10 or so seconds, you want the flame to move from the head of the match to the stick. Once the stick has ignited, gently wave out the flame. Slide out the black burning pad that is provided in the second box. Leave the burning pad in the heat proof tray. Burn one stick at a time. Do not leave burning unattended. Do not keep in reach of children or pets. 


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